Almond porridge with chocolate and blueberries is an idea for a sweet breakfast, but without added sugar. For the cherry on top, decorate with a piece of chocolate, which will melt due to the heat of the cooked porridge.


The recipe is gluten- and sugar-free. The amount corresponds to one person’s breakfast, but it is also suitable for a post-workout meal, as it contains a sufficient amount of protein, as protein powder is added to them.

– 30 g coconut flour.
– 25 g vanilla-flavored whey protein powder.
– 15 g almond flour.
– 200 ml coffee.
– 60 g frozen blueberries.
– 15 g sugar-free chocolate.
– 10 g pistachio spread.
– 10 g super food mix.

1. Mix the dry ingredients.
2. Warm up the coffee and add the blueberries.
3. Stir in the dry ingredients and stir constantly until the porridge thickens to the desired density.
4. Garnish with a piece of chocolate, pistachio spread and a mixture of super foods.

– Energy value 454 kcal.
– Fats 21.3 g (of which saturated fats 4.8 g).
– Carbohydrates 33.7 g (of which sugars 10.4 g).
– Dietary fiber 19.8 g.
– Protein 34.8 g.

– You can use other frozen or fresh berries.
– Instead of coffee you can use water or plant-based drink to taste, e.g. almond.
– Garnish with seeds, nuts and fruit to taste.
– Porridge can be prepared without cooking, but the taste and structure will not be the same.